MRO Capability
Aircraft Exterior -  Repainting
Cabin Decal -  Reconditioning
Cabin Partition -  Repairing, repainting, re-laminating
Cabin Sidewall -  Repairing, repainting, re-laminating
Carpet/Floor cover -  Deep cleaning, replacing
Ceiling -  Repairing, repainting, re-laminating
Cockpit decal -  Reconditioning
Cockpit door -  Repairing, repainting, re-laminating
Cockpit furnishing -  Repairing & repainting for ceiling
Exterior decal -  Reconditioning
Galley unit -  Repairing, repainting, re-laminating
Lavatory unit -  Repairing, repainting, re-laminating
Light & marking for cockpit panel -  Repairing, repainting, remarking
Lining -  Repairing, repainting for hard and soft lining
Passenger Service Unit -  Repairing, repainting for panel, servicing and furnishing for locking system
Seat arm rest & cap -  Repairing, reconditioning
Seat cover -  Cleaning, sewing
Seat fairing -  Repairing, repainting
Seat frame -  Repairing, repainting
Seat locking system -  Servicing
Seat reclining system -  Servicing
Stowage bin -  Repairing, repainting, re-laminating for panel; repairing & furnishing for locking system
Tables & locking -  Repairing, repainting, servicing


We have established a very close relationship with many aircraft interior parts suppliers and manufacturers.
As our approved vendors, they will help us to provide customers with a lot of product options to fit their specifications and requirements.
By browsing our samples library from a lot of different brands , with various qualities, and prices, customer will find their purchasing experience very convenient and flexible.
Ranging from fabric, leather, sheepskin, carpet, flooring, decorative laminate film and other raw material, to seats, galleys, tables and safety equipment assy.
From vip quality for a private jet, to a very economic low price and low weight option for rapid growth airliner.
Furthermore, if customization is needed, we"ll do our best to assist customer to make their imagination come true.

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