» MRO Capability «

Aircraft Exterior -  Repainting
Cabin Decal -  Reconditioning
Cabin Partition -  Repairing, repainting, re-laminating
Cabin Sidewall -  Repairing, repainting, re-laminating
Carpet/Floor cover -  Deep cleaning, replacing
Ceiling -  Repairing, repainting, re-laminating
Cockpit decal -  Reconditioning
Cockpit door -  Repairing, repainting, re-laminating
Cockpit furnishing -  Repairing & repainting for ceiling
Exterior decal -  Reconditioning
Galley unit -  Repairing, repainting, re-laminating
Lavatory unit -  Repairing, repainting, re-laminating
Light & marking for cockpit panel -  Repairing, repainting, remarking
Lining -  Repairing, repainting for hard and soft lining
Passenger Service Unit -  Repairing, repainting for panel, servicing and furnishing for locking system
Seat arm rest & cap -  Repairing, reconditioning
Seat cover -  Cleaning, sewing
Seat fairing -  Repairing, repainting
Seat frame -  Repairing, repainting
Seat locking system -  Servicing
Seat reclining system -  Servicing
Stowage bin -  Repairing, repainting, re-laminating for panel; repairing & furnishing for locking system
Tables & locking -  Repairing, repainting, servicing

» One-Stop-Supplier »

· We have established a very close relationship with many aircraft interior parts suppliers and manufacturers.
· As our approved vendors, they will help us to provide customers with a lot of product options to fit their specifications and requirements.
· By browsing our samples library from a lot of different brands , with various qualities, and prices, customer will find their purchasing experience very convenient and flexible.
· Ranging from fabric, leather, sheepskin, carpet, flooring, decorative laminate film and other raw material, to seats, galleys, tables and safety equipment assy.
· From vip quality for a private jet, to a very economic low price and low weight option for rapid growth airliner.
· Furthermore, if customization is needed, we"ll do our best to assist customer to make their imagination come true.

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